HoReCa products

Διάφορες πίτες της Ιονικής

HoReCa products

We run a perfectly organized sales network and a lot of dealers all over the world that serve:


  • Bakeries, bread shops and cafeterias

  • Shipping companies

  • Greek & worldwide (Star alliance) airline catering companies

  • Hotels and canteens (in hospitals, universities, etc.)

  • Companies highly active in catering

  • Hot corners in large supermarket chains

We offer the modern professional over:

  • 400+ dough & puff pastry products

  • 12 categories of Puff pastry, Thessaloniki bougatsa pie, Vegan puff pastry, Vegan pizza, Greek traditional pies, croissants, handmade dough, pizzas, Koulouri Thessaloniki’s (Bread rings – Bread sticks), stuffed bagels, Kihi pies, vegetarian choices, pastry sheets (crusty or puff pastry filo), Ready2go pre-baked pies. Sweet and savory delicacies (donuts, cakes).

Our products
travel all over the world
and we're proud when
the world talks about them!

Please advise where we can purchase your products in NYC.
We find them occasionally at AGATA & VALENTINA.

Thank you.
Love your products.


Fay Georgousis

Στριφτή πίτα και γραφικά
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