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Ioniki is one of the fastest growing Greek food companies. We rely on our people, so we offer one of the best working environments, fair pay and development incentives. Neither great CVs nor high-profile degrees impress us - we want substance: hard work, good ideas, faith in the company and a team spirit. If you believe in yourself and love quality in everything you do, you are probably the next member of Ioniki "family".


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Hard work +  Flexibilityappreciation + entrepreneurship + FAIRNESS

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Fully equipped kitchen
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Επιβραβεύσεις υπαλλήλων

Systematic rewards
for employees and
their children's studies

Επιβραβεύσεις υπαλλήλων

Gym, TV subscriptions,
discounts on petrol, KTEO,
tutoring, free laundry,
corporate food and coupons.

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Marketing at Ioniki means continuous action: exploring new markets inside and outside Greece, new products, new trends and consumer habits. Add to that changing demands of the seasons, competition study, multiple sales channels and constantly updating production developments and you will understand why you will never be left without new challenges.

You will have the support of the IT department, the creative design department and the administration, who understand the value of marketing business progress. You will be of value in the design and implementation of corporate communication, sales promotion, exhibition marketing, as well as advertising and public relations programs on all platforms -above & below the line, digital and social.

We will teach you the secrets of a good pie and you will help us make its brand cherished all over the world.

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A smile, good knowledge of the products and the market and, above all, a satisfied customer - these are what we need here at Ioniki. Together we will create new sales, in Greece and abroad, in food service and retail chains. We will manage the orders but also keep gaining the high level of trust and satisfaction of our customers/partners and consumers.

Ioniki's sales department is well organised, with the right structure and many subcategories, but it will always be only as good as its people. We therefore will need you in the daily life of our customer service and in the development of our networks with innovative sales methods. You will have the support of experienced partners, the marketing department will always be by your side with the right tools and, most importantly, in your hands will be excellent products that make it easier for you to be persuasive and achieve your goals.

Ioniki's pies are like hot bread: they sell easily, but they need your best effort.

Production Icon

The Production Department is the heart of Ioniki. We exist to make excellent pies in a variety that you rarely find in our competitors. To achieve this every day, 365 days a year, we need to be well oragnised and a  management team that ensures high quality. We need the right people.

Our production is divided into separate departments for better management and administration: quality control, quality assurance and R&D are some of them. They support each other and contribute to the achievement of our production goals, as do modern production lines, modern digital monitoring systems and our highly trained people. We need you among them.

If you are not afraid of work, learn quickly, respect your colleagues and superiors and you love perfection, you are already one of us!

IT icon

The IT department is Ioniki's central nervous system - it regulates the smooth operation of all other departments with digital tools and information systems it oversees and develops. You will be at the centre of the business and we need your mind, methodology and diligence.

The department is organised to cover both ERP management and the development and organic integration of new technologies into the company. From our web presence and marketing actions to production and sales, the whole of Ioniki functions digitally! You will have the support of the management who welcome and promote modernisation, at least as much as our products' gastronomic pleasure. You will always be present where the word innovation fits.

And you will enjoy the best pies on the market because, in the end, it's all about them!

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Accounting / Financial

The Accounting and Financial Department of the company has been ensuring the smooth financial operation of our constantly growing company for decades . Ioniki's development is literally in the hands of our finances, because they are the ones who regulate the balance between production and sales, because they ensure a continuous rate of investment in modern infrastructure, because they support our excellent relationships with suppliers and customers and, most importantly, because they allow us to keep the quality of our products at a high level.

A good homemade pie needs good ingredients and art. A good Ioniki pie that reaches to the ends of the world needs top financial management.

If you love the accuracy and dynamics of numbers we need you.

Logistics icon

The Logistics department ensures the proper management of orders as well as the storage of products and raw materials. It distributes hundreds of product varieties to thousands of customers every day and achieves this only through good organisation and dedicated people. We need your method, your appetite for work and good communication with your colleagues in all departments of the company.

You will have at your disposal an excellently organised storage space, with all the modern transportation vehicles and information systems. You will also have the guidance and support of experienced executives who know your art well:

Make sure the best pie on the market arrives on time.

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